Wednesday 1 September 2010

Family Cruise Vacation Deals

Cruise vacations aren't just for Senior travellers and are now the top vacation choice for thousands of families every year. Cruise liners offer the perfect solution for families who want to spend time together in a safe environment but have different ideas of what makes a fun vacation.

Family cruises are specifically designed with both children and adults in mind and allow parents the opportunity to relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that the kids are having a wild time in a secure place.

Activities such as archery, dodge ball, basket ball, climbing walls, water sports and dynamic swimming pools with rapids and flumes occupy the adventurous children whilst dance lessons, art classes, dramatics workshops and variety nights entertain the artistic youngsters whilst luxurious relaxing spas, sun loungers, bars and gym facilities are provided for the adults.

With such a broad range of restaurants and evening entertainment on board it's the perfect way for families to spend time together without getting bored. Many cruise ships include multi-plex cinemas or even outdoor screens.

Club activities are provided for teenagers including pizza parties, karaoke and sports tournaments and these provide the ideal opportunity for young adults to meet each other and explore the rest of the ship together. Hang out dens are created complete with computer consoles, board games, manicure and beauty parlours and dance studios.

Toddlers and babies will find soft play areas, tumble tot rooms, baby yoga classes, tiny pools and lots of cuddly and musical toys. Experienced creche workers are also often on hand so Mum's and Dad's can escape for a few hours to one of the many intimate spa jacuzzis or even take a moonlit stroll around the deck.


  1. Earlier this year, our family took a five-day cruise and the kids were instantly hooked on the experience. The ship features not only a waterpark area but also sun deck with splash deck. Aside from the onboard entertainment, we all enjoyed the itinerary, visiting exotic locations. We can't wait for our next cruise.

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