Thursday 26 August 2010

Luxury Mediteranean Cruise Deals

The Mediterranean Ocean offers a wide range of cruising destinations with varied landscapes and famous sights. It is an extremely popular choice for cruise holiday makers due to its sheltered warm waters and stunning coastlines.

The busiest ports in the West Mediterranean are Rome, Venice, Barcelona and Monte Carlo. Debrovnik, Cairo and Istanbul are popular in the East. The sheer abundance of cultural experience on offer across the Mediterranean exceeds the capacity of most visitors in a two week holiday so cruising offers the perfect opportunity to visit all the famous landmarks from the comfort of a five star vessel.

There are plenty of styles of cruise ships to choose from including adult only, family orientated, lively, romantic or sedate. Every luxury cruise liner is specifically designed to provide a wide range of activities and top class entertainment to suit every guest whilst maximising comfort and luxury.

If you are interested in spa, pampering and wellbeing then will be plenty to keep you amused on board. Sport enthusiasts can choose from a range of fully equipped gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, squash, tennis, badminton and volleyball courts, in addition to countless dance, fitness, pilates and yoga classes.

Exploring types will be overwhelmed by the broad range of bustling ports, harbours and sleepy fishing villages to visit each day. Itineraries will vary from each cruise company but almost all will include stops at ports Ancient Rome, Pompeii, Athens, the Pyramids, the Bosra, Alexandria, Cairo and the Greek Islands.

Some packages will include flights to starting destination and deals are available for late or last minute cruise bookings. Travel Operators will be able to advise passengers of the best deals around and can help to choose the ideal package for your luxury cruise.


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