Wednesday 1 September 2010

Family Cruise Vacation Deals

Cruise vacations aren't just for Senior travellers and are now the top vacation choice for thousands of families every year. Cruise liners offer the perfect solution for families who want to spend time together in a safe environment but have different ideas of what makes a fun vacation.

Family cruises are specifically designed with both children and adults in mind and allow parents the opportunity to relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that the kids are having a wild time in a secure place.

Activities such as archery, dodge ball, basket ball, climbing walls, water sports and dynamic swimming pools with rapids and flumes occupy the adventurous children whilst dance lessons, art classes, dramatics workshops and variety nights entertain the artistic youngsters whilst luxurious relaxing spas, sun loungers, bars and gym facilities are provided for the adults.

With such a broad range of restaurants and evening entertainment on board it's the perfect way for families to spend time together without getting bored. Many cruise ships include multi-plex cinemas or even outdoor screens.

Club activities are provided for teenagers including pizza parties, karaoke and sports tournaments and these provide the ideal opportunity for young adults to meet each other and explore the rest of the ship together. Hang out dens are created complete with computer consoles, board games, manicure and beauty parlours and dance studios.

Toddlers and babies will find soft play areas, tumble tot rooms, baby yoga classes, tiny pools and lots of cuddly and musical toys. Experienced creche workers are also often on hand so Mum's and Dad's can escape for a few hours to one of the many intimate spa jacuzzis or even take a moonlit stroll around the deck.

Mini Cruise Vacations

Mini cruises are the ideal way to combine the experience of ocean vacation with the convenience of a short-break. Mini cruses are designed for people who do not have the luxury of extended time but crave the luxury of a cruise vacation.

Many tour operators offer a mini cruise itineraries that include ports of interest in a condensed number of stops with fewer days at open sea and may require passengers to fly to a destination start point. Popular destinations for mini cruises include the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Nile.

Cruise liners for shorter breaks tend to include the same dazzling array of facilities and activities as ships for longer vacations. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, gyms, fitness classes cater for the sporty types, spas, beauticians, and dedicated sun bathing decks are provided for those looking to unwind, and there are a vast selection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to choose from for a varied night life on board.

As mini cruises are shorter than standard vacations it is important to choose your itinerary carefully and select the cruise operators that offer the port visits and points of interest that appeal to you. It's also important to bear in mind the travel time to and from your mini cruise.

Cruises from Rome that take in Pisa, Florence, Portofino, Sorrento and Pompeii are extremely popular. A five day trip from Piraeus in Greece to Istanbul includes the stunning island locations of Mykonos, Delos, Sanatori and then Rhodes.

Many passengers like to combine a mini cruise with a short city break at at the start or end of their cruise vacation. Visitors like to spend a few days absorbing the inland culture before sailing off anf getting a taste of the cruising lifestyle.

It is also possible to take a six day sail trip from New York to Southampton which is now a popular choice for the ecologically minded or those with a fear of air travel. As air travel becomes more expensive, and increasingly unreliable many people are looking at alternative methods of travel and mini cruises are the perfect solution.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Single Cruise Holidays Egypt

Holidaying alone can be a daunting prospect. There are so many factors involved in choosing any holiday but for single travellers there are numerous extra considerations including the range of evening activities available, personal security and safety on holiday and the right blend of sociability with independence.

Cruising offers the perfect solution to anybody holidaying without a group or partner due to the wide variety of activities available on cruise ships and the sociable aspect of onboard living. Passengers are assigned tables for evening dinning and so it is easy to meet people and develop friendships over the course of the holiday.

Some cruising holidays are designed specifically for single people with organised meet and greet sessions, dating services, team games, profile matching and group activities. Other ships provide a more relaxed and casual approach and welcome single travellers on board but not exclusively.

Single cruisers do not need to worry about personal safety as they might whilst visiting an inland resort as all the nightclubs, bars and restaurants are effectively within the hotel and travellers do not need to worry about being on their own after dark or wandering into the ‘wrong’ part of town.

Single travellers will find all the freedom they desire on a cruise ship and can spend theirs on guided group tours of the Pyramids and Cairo or wander off on their own. Evenings can be spend in bars, restaurants, cinemas, live shows, ballroom dancing, disco dancing, or relaxing in a spa.

Egypt is a fantasic destination for any traveller with so many fabulous ancient sites and areas of interest. There is plenty to see in bustling Arabic market towns and camel rides for the brave.

Luxury Mediteranean Cruise Deals

The Mediterranean Ocean offers a wide range of cruising destinations with varied landscapes and famous sights. It is an extremely popular choice for cruise holiday makers due to its sheltered warm waters and stunning coastlines.

The busiest ports in the West Mediterranean are Rome, Venice, Barcelona and Monte Carlo. Debrovnik, Cairo and Istanbul are popular in the East. The sheer abundance of cultural experience on offer across the Mediterranean exceeds the capacity of most visitors in a two week holiday so cruising offers the perfect opportunity to visit all the famous landmarks from the comfort of a five star vessel.

There are plenty of styles of cruise ships to choose from including adult only, family orientated, lively, romantic or sedate. Every luxury cruise liner is specifically designed to provide a wide range of activities and top class entertainment to suit every guest whilst maximising comfort and luxury.

If you are interested in spa, pampering and wellbeing then will be plenty to keep you amused on board. Sport enthusiasts can choose from a range of fully equipped gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, squash, tennis, badminton and volleyball courts, in addition to countless dance, fitness, pilates and yoga classes.

Exploring types will be overwhelmed by the broad range of bustling ports, harbours and sleepy fishing villages to visit each day. Itineraries will vary from each cruise company but almost all will include stops at ports Ancient Rome, Pompeii, Athens, the Pyramids, the Bosra, Alexandria, Cairo and the Greek Islands.

Some packages will include flights to starting destination and deals are available for late or last minute cruise bookings. Travel Operators will be able to advise passengers of the best deals around and can help to choose the ideal package for your luxury cruise.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Luxury Honeymoon Cruises

Taking a cruise for your honeymoon is the ideal way to relax and unwind together after the stresses and tensions of your wedding day.

Five star luxury and a wide range of activities from ballroom dancing, and fine dining, to deck sports and sunbathing ensure there is something to suit everyone without ever leaving the ship.

Luxury cruising means that absolutely everything you require is all on board. All cruise ships have been specifically designed to accommodate all your holiday needs. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa’s jacuzzis, hairdressers, beauticians and saunas for those requiring pampering. There are cinemas, bars, clubs, casinos and live shows providing a vibrant and varied night life for the party animals and numerous cafes and restaurants with a wide choice of cuisine to please every palette and diet.

Honeymoon couples will find an abundance of romantic settings onboard cruise ships and can indulge in taking sunset strolls around the decks, intimate dinners in the privacy of their own balcony or ballroom dance lessons for the truly romantic. Days are happily spent wandering the huge variety of picturesque port destinations and couples are free to explore fishing villages, lively harbours and idyllic sandy beaches.

Honeymoon packages available include fresh flowers, chocolates, champagne, matching his and hers bathrobes, commemorative photographs and special frames.