Thursday 26 August 2010

Single Cruise Holidays Egypt

Holidaying alone can be a daunting prospect. There are so many factors involved in choosing any holiday but for single travellers there are numerous extra considerations including the range of evening activities available, personal security and safety on holiday and the right blend of sociability with independence.

Cruising offers the perfect solution to anybody holidaying without a group or partner due to the wide variety of activities available on cruise ships and the sociable aspect of onboard living. Passengers are assigned tables for evening dinning and so it is easy to meet people and develop friendships over the course of the holiday.

Some cruising holidays are designed specifically for single people with organised meet and greet sessions, dating services, team games, profile matching and group activities. Other ships provide a more relaxed and casual approach and welcome single travellers on board but not exclusively.

Single cruisers do not need to worry about personal safety as they might whilst visiting an inland resort as all the nightclubs, bars and restaurants are effectively within the hotel and travellers do not need to worry about being on their own after dark or wandering into the ‘wrong’ part of town.

Single travellers will find all the freedom they desire on a cruise ship and can spend theirs on guided group tours of the Pyramids and Cairo or wander off on their own. Evenings can be spend in bars, restaurants, cinemas, live shows, ballroom dancing, disco dancing, or relaxing in a spa.

Egypt is a fantasic destination for any traveller with so many fabulous ancient sites and areas of interest. There is plenty to see in bustling Arabic market towns and camel rides for the brave.


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